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an image of a Painting of a group of trees by artist theresa eisenbarth

Art Friends,
January 6, 2022

Day 3 ❤️

“Latest Work in Progress”

This was my homework for my class last month.
I didn’t complete it on time and started to paint it again today! I hope to finish this as I’d love to paint another one and use some different colours. The class project objectives was to do a “puddle painting “ method and mix colours between warm and cool.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it turns out. I’m feeling like the trees are giving me a hug in this painting. Something I think we all need now as we dig ourselves into our electric blankets to stay warm.

I’m so grateful to everyone in my class. They are all such amazing painters and inspire me to be a better artist. 🥰

@TaraLeaver, 👨‍🎨
Tara Leaver, Artist

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