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Art Friends,
January 7, 2022

21 Days in My Art World

Day 4 ❤️

“ Art Book ”

These are my selections for art books. I’ve taken the liberty to choose a couple of categories of books I have read in the past few years.

Twice Weekly Letters by Robert Genn. I find this book really has a lot of great philosophical text about the essence of just being an artist. It’s funny and thoughtful.

Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts. I started to read this book this fall as I can only read one art book at a time. I get too involved in the art process and find I don’t get anything else completed 🙂

The Complete Artists Way by Julia Cameron. When I first started in the art world, this book provided me with confidence and continues to inspire and nourish my soul…something I find anyone can use; not just artists. It centre’s around writing down what she calls, “the morning pages” which helps to focus your thoughts and set intentions for the day.

What books have inspired you? On a personal level, I also like to read historical fiction, mystery and books about the CIA/Espionage too!

@TaraLeaver, 👨‍🎨
Tara Leaver, Artist

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