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An image of an angle brush used by artist Theresa Eisenbarth
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Art Friends,
January 8, 2022

21 Days in My Art World

Day 5 ❤️

“ Favourite Tool ”

Art Challenge

It’s so great seeing everyone’s responses to this art challenge. It definitely helps to keep us all going during this Western cold, snap. The prairies can have some bitterly cold winds and icy roads. 🥶
My favourite tool is an angle brush. I use it most often when I paint trees, and of course, to skim in lines for alleyways and buildings.
It’s really the most versatile brush I own…you can use it in so many ways. Turn it on its side, and it’s a flat brush, use just the tip of it and it’s a liner brush, or, use the angle part to make lines with a handy ruler.
What’s your favourite tool? Please share.

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@TaraLeaver, 👨‍🎨
Tara Leaver, Artist