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an image of Theresa Eisenbarth's paint palette

Art Friends,
January 10, 2022

Day 7 ❤️

21 Days in My Art World | Art Challenge

 “Colour Palette”

~tends to be on the warm side~

This is my current palette. I really gravitate towards warm colours…so much so that one of my instructors (@DougSwinton) says that I am always 50 % percent warm  and 50 % cool. I am working on changing this and love the advice he provides…I am getting better at using more passages of cool colours to offset the warmth in a landscape or urban landscape.
I use the artists’ Stay-Wet Palette bundle to keep my acrylics wet and fresh looking in the studio. They still can tend to get sticky and mouldy if they are left too long, but I generally don’t let this happen and change the bottom base and the sponge often.
A great suggestion from @dianawilkesartist was to put a few drops of vinegar in the sponge to keep the paints longer. I have tried this and it tends to help, but the key is to keep your amount of paint in the palette to a minimum so there’s no waste of paint. Like everything these days, professional paint is expensive. 

You can see I have a myriad of colours on the palette this week. I don’t tend to use this many paints all the time and opt out for fluids, but I was carried away by inspiration.

What’s on your studio paint palette this week?



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