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a collage of prairie images by artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Art Friends,
January 13, 2022

Day 12 ❤️


 “Current Motifs” 

~It’s all about the prairies~

I’m playing a little catch up today. This darn cold is slowing me down!

I take photos all the time when I’m travelling in the car. These are a couple of the photos  I have pulled out to place in my “todo”  list  for painting.These are my current motifs.

I just LOVE the prairies, small towns, the wide open sky, and the physical sense of open space.

There was a time when I actually despised living here. You think you have the world by the tail when you are eighteen years old with long blonde hair blowing in the wind.  My local Rotary Club gave me a chance to travel abroad to Rome, Italy. I was an exchange student for a year. I remember arriving home in Medicine Hat after my term was up…I actually kissed the ground when I departed the plane. Not because I had a terrible time, but because I soooo missed the prairie landscape. 

I now know a couple of things; I can never live in a rain climate ( it almost brought me to tears), I can never  live in the mountains ( when the sun goes down, everything is in shadow) and I can never live in the middle of nowhere ( I’m a big chicken of the dark and would scare myself senseless).

So, back to my BIG open skies…I’ll take these any day over the above places to live. Like my husband always says, there is something to be said about watching your dog run away for miles on an open plain.

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