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an image of a torn pages with the new word chosen for Theresa Eisenbarth for the year, 2022

Art Friends,
January 13, 2022

Day 11❤️


“Turning Point” 

~I need to turn a corner ~

The month of January brings in new challenges… what will I do differently this year as a person and of course, as an artist. 

Each year I have laid this out for myself by selecting a Word to ACCEPT and a Word to LEAVE behind from the previous year. I starting doing this about nine years ago and find it to be a worthy exercise. I actually put the “word” in all my artwork as a definition. I’d say, most of the times, the word becomes obscured in the painting, but I know it’s there. 

I think there is something powerful in having the word embedded in my artwork. Most clients relate to my chosen word and look for it in the paintings (I place an actual key in my artwork too)

When you end up choosing your word, it becomes something powerful to live by. I often find myself thinking about the word and how I can fulfill its purpose; not the other way around. 

It becomes its own, living and breathing thing. A word to live by, to reach up to and achieve. You end up clutching onto it like you are holding the handlebars on your bike during a hot summer day. “Hold on, you are about to turn a corner, the word says.”

Whats my word this year, you ask? 

Stay tuned to find out.

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