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An image of Lens Foods from Bow Island Alberta by Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

Art Friends,
January 17, 2022

Day 14 ❤️

~ A recent SOLD Painting ~

“SOLD” Lens Foods 

It’s a little grocery in @BowIsland ~ a small town 40 minutes from Medicine Hat on the Highway #3.

Lens Food and Grocery is located on the single main street in the town. It had been owned by one family spanning several years and has recently been sold to new owners. 

I seem to have a theme going for smaller grocery stores as I have painted many mom-and-pop and family owned stores in Southern Alberta. I believe it’s because they become the centre gathering place for people in a town or village. A place to see your neighbours, gossip and have a quick cup of coffee…and as you plan your evening meal, purchase a few grocery items for the day.

I love all the stories people share about their local grocer store. So much more valuable to the soul than the big box, homogeny of stores we see now.

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