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an image of lilacs by artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Art Friends,
January 18, 202

Day 17 ❤️


~ Largest Painting  ~

This was a painting I did two years ago for my solo exhibition at the Medicine Hat Esplanade Art Gallery. It was the star painting as part of the “Walking the Flats” series. This exhibition ran during the Covid Pandemic. Everything about the virus was totally new to the public and the news on the street was the virus spread by touching surfaces. (I should have bought stock shares in Lysol cleaning products)

The concept of the exhibition was several walks in the old river flats area of Medicine Hat. It was in its own way a celebration of neighbourhoods. This painting was inspired by my love of back alleys and to the elements of nature that are native to the southern alberta landscape. Lilacs, choke cherry trees, cactus and sage grasses are some common motifs you see around Medicine Hat.

I painted this specific piece in the gallery LIVE for people to come and watch. It was a great way to break-up the news of the spreading pandemic and to get people to enjoy a little wee bit of art culture. I placed a link below of the TV broadcast for you to view. Enjoy!

Esplanade reopens with Walking the Flats exhibition

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