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an image of painting of a pear by Canadian artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Art Friends,
January 18, 202

Day 16 ❤️


~ Smallest Painting ~

I did a series of fruit, namely pears as few years ago.

I call these “little treasures” as they were just simple and let me explore without having to think too much about all those foundational rules (but they say there are no rules, lol) And, It was fun to experiment with some new mediums for acrylics.

I believe this one is the smallest painting in the pear series. I have kept it in my other studio and marked it “not for sale”…it measures 3.5×3.5 inches in size. I’ve kept this one as a reminder of the FUN aspect of art and to tell myself that not every artwork has to be a masterpiece. That, you indeed can allow yourself and give yourself permission to simply play with the elements of art to sooth the soul.

A good reminder for today in fact as I head into the studio to paint.#21daysinmyartworld #eisenbarthartstudio #canadianartist #artstudio #luartist #lucommunity #artistlife #smalltownlife #growthasanartist #smallestpainting #artcollectors #collectart #southernalbertalandscape #smalltownsontheprairies #paintingsthatfeellikehome