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Glazing photo with Golden Fluid Acrylics
Art Friends,
January 23, 2022

Day 20❤️


~ favourite technique ~

I’m playing a little catch up today while I’m laying on the couch….I’m not feeling the greatest with a nasty cold, so I thought I’d add two posts today. 

I have two favourite techniques for painting…one of them is glazing. I use glazing medium with color fluid acrylics. I was already doing a version of this technique with Liquitex paints, but was introduced to Golden fluid acrylics at a workshop a few years ago. It dramatically changed the way I work on my art pieces. So much so, that I have a hard time painting any other way now. I can see in my previous artworks  the difference now when And am trying to find a balance between mixing some paints and glazing. Funny, how ones perception and awareness changes as you develop as an artist. 

What’s your favourite technique? Please share! 


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