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Febraury 3, 2021

Inside the Studio Artist Interviews – with Dorothy Mohler

This week, I’m honored to have American landscape artist, Dorothy Mohler on Inside the Studio artist interviews. 😊

Since the pandemic, Dorothy Mohler’s has moved to being more brighter and bolder. Her paintings are always filled with many layers of pigments. “Layers are where I find satisfaction…I know a painting is complete when that final layer leaves me happy and satisfied”.

Some people know what they were born to do. Dorothy’s passion and ability as an artist came late in life due to a traumatic brain injury twenty-five years ago. The recovery from the brain injury took over a year and left her with medical issues that she deals with to this day. But after the initial recovery she found that she was left with an ability to see and draw colors, an ability that was not present prior to the injury. Dorothy calls this brain injury her “mixed blessing.”

This mixed blessing keeps her sensitive and deeply inspired by the keen beauty of nature. “ I see the world around us in many layers and that is just the way I paint—applying many layers of paint, ink and pencil detail. Many layers are transformative for me and eventually bring satisfaction.”

Her focus on distinct subjects definitely shifts and varies. However, there is a constant universal connection, and that is the natural world around her. Being raised at a very young age to get out in the world and look up at the trees and the sky, to really listen to the birds, insects and frogs, has made her grateful for the opportunity to translate that lesson which parents taught her onto canvas.

Three subjects tend to dominate her work: Trees, Birds and Women in Nature. These three subjects are heavily influenced by her life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The seasonal colors and migration of birds play heavily into those subjects. I live on a lake near the ocean…It’s an Artist’s dream locale.

The book Dorothy recommended…

I probably have six or seven how to draw bird type Books not to mention all my bird identifying books and it is without a doubt the best how-to bird drawing and painting book!
“The Laws Guild to Drawing Birds” by John Muhr Laws

Dorothy lives in Sisters Oregon, USA with her husband and small ill-behaved animals along the Oregon Coast.
Please visit her website: and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

IG: tall_girl_studios
FB: Tall Girl Studios

Click HERE to watch: artist_theresa_eisenbarth

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