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an image of an acrylic Painting of the bluffs in echodale park by artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Art Friends,
February 1,  2022

In the sunny South of Alberta, there are distinct land masses and hills that are different than any other thing you’d see in Canada.  The land is as dry as a bone. So dry in fact, that Medicine Hat is rated as a semi-arid desert. The hills and the wind form in this dryness and create these bluffs. They are especially distinct around the mighty South Saskatchewan river.

This painting is inspired by these bluffs in Echodale Park,  just outside of the city. The sun hits these irregular shapes.  You can just feel the heat radiating off them, warming up the whole river valley. Purples, blues, pinks and warm beige…..these are the colours that remind me of the sunny desert.

It’s a favourite walking area for my dog, Nymeria and I. She can run let loose in the tall grasses, enjoy the natural scents and lay of the land. The sun is usually shining brightly in the teal sky. We enjoy this weekly routine as its a natural place to get back to the energy of the brown earth.

Maybe I’ll see you out there for a walk soon?