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Febraury 22, 2021

Inside the Studio Artist Interviews – with Leslie Starr

This week, I’m honored to have Alberta animal portrait artist, Leslie Starr on Inside the Studio artist interviews. 😊

Leslie started her art career painting on glass in 1999. This this small artistic step soon blossomed into something much, much more.  Over time , she felt the need to experiment and move her love of bright colours to a more enduring medium.  While continuing to work on glass, she expanded my art world to include painting on canvas.

“Colour is my guiding principle; I only have to see a box of paints and I am itching to play around with it and create a lasting memory”

Leslie is inspired by the interesting people she has met along the way and the beautiful open skies of the Alberta foothills.  She hopes you can see this in her artwork.

She is an acrylic painter based in Calgary Alberta.

Follow Leslie HERE:

TikTok: @leslieastarr
@Leslie Starr

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