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Art in the Afternoon Advertisement for artist Theresa Eisenbarth on May 14, 2022

MAY 14, 2022

Mark your calendar for Art in the Afternoon happening Saturday, May 14th, 2022!

I’m super excited to share my artwork featuring everyday neighborhood landscapes for an afternoon at Framing and Art Centre, Downtown Medicine Hat.

If you have been following me for a short while, you’ll notice that my painting interest lies in painting urban and prairie landscapes throughout Western Canada.

These new artworks tell a story about places that connect us.

We live and breathe in a neighborhood, walk and talk to the people in our neighborhood and see common things everyday in our neighborhoods.

“Neighborhoods shape who we become, they shaped who I became. I want people to see the magic in their neighborhood.”

My artwork incorporates the sights, sounds and aromas of everyday life, mixed with a re-imaging of those impressions from the past. My use of vibrant, impressionistic colors, brings an arresting quality to each painting and aids in portraying the street corners, family homes, the businesses and the strong, neighborly ties of the southern prairies. I like to capture the things people walk by daily, without really taking the time to see, or look for the story behind the subject and commits those to canvas.

This NEW show includes works inspired by the neighborhoods, especially the historic neighborhood on the “SE Hill” in Medicine Hat.

Let’s mark your calendar for 12-4 PM | Saturday, May 14th, 2022

I hope to see you down there for a refreshment and chat about the NEW ART!