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Theresa Eisenbarth From EISENBARTH Art Studio in Medicine Hat Alberta

Theresa Eisenbarth

Artist Statement

I am a visual storyteller. I use my unusual acrylic visual art to tell the elusive stories of Canadian neighbourhoods and old communities. These urbanscapes and prairie spaces have diverse histories that often go unnoticed.
Vivid, bold colours inspire me and allow me to re-imagine these spaces. I entice my viewers to take a second look by embedding stories into stories, adding household objects like tinfoil, string, and door hardware to create substance and texture on the paint surface.
In this exhibition, I capture the places I remember as a child growing up in the historic River Flats neighbourhood in Medicine Hat. Each wall designates a specific walk I would take while growing up in this industrial area of Medicine Hat….and they all start from Dominion Street, my first childhood home. From there I would walk to the catholic elementary school, to Lions Park, to the shopping area on North Railway Street and to the factories like Medalta, where many of the blue-collar families from the surrounding streets and avenues worked.
The works in this exhibition boldly depicts the family homes, businesses and the strong, personal, neighbourly ties that not only moulded me, but also shaped the small town of Medicine Hat into an urban center of the southern prairies. These works incorporate the sights, sounds and aromas of today, mixed with a re-imaging of those impressions from the past. I used vibrant colours and non-traditional materials in the creation of these paintings, to bring them an arresting quality.
As an artist, a westerner, a Canadian and a woman, I have stories to tell about our shared environment. I capture the things people walk by daily, without really taking the time to see the story behind the subject and commit those stories to canvas.

Artist Bio

Theresa is a full time artist based in Medicine Hat, AB. She grew up in the historic River Flats neighbourhood, and has spent her artistic career capturing the places she remembers as a child. Theresa studied Visual Communications and the arts at the Medicine Hat College and received a B.F.A. fine arts degree from the University of Calgary. After taking a break to focus on family life, she established her practice in 2012. Now, as a full time artist, she spends 40 hours a week in her studio and produces 50-60 pieces each year.
Theresa established her studio in 2013. It is located within the historic Tabor Candy Factory. (the only remaining example of work by Medicine Hat’s architectural firm Bourne & Morrison). Her studio sports 2000 square feet of working space, and 1000 square feet of classroom space, where she teaches art and conducts workshops using mixed media painting materials.


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