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Dear Friend, March 30, 2014   I've been working on gessoing bra's - we'll call them "the ladies" for the #Medicine Hat Cancer Ward Fundraiser. This event is in conjunction with #Friday's Image at the #Cypress Club in Medicine Hat. It will held on

Dear Friend, March 11, 2014 Each year since my painting journey began I have chosen a "Word of the Year". It's part of my relatively simple painter's tool-box. These words are drawn up with the computer, transferred to paper, gelled with acrylic

A Tribute to Lottie Eisenbarth. January 12, 1939 - January 15, 2014 The Secret Ingredient I was sitting in my mother-in-laws living room the other morning after her passing. The sun was shining through the peach colored polyester curtains.  The stillness and silence