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I was a chaperone for my daughter’s Grade 10 biology trip to Ressor Lake, Alberta. Everyone was supposed to bring rain boots to collect water samples. Walmart must have had a sale that year because all the girls

These striking solid wood doors are part of the court house that sits on the Saskatchewan River bank. Built around the turn of the century, it’s a beautiful example of architecture created in Medicine Hat. The oldest court

Red is one of my favourite colours and I’ve used quite a bit of it in this artwork. I like how the flow and curve of the petals create a beautiful show in this piece.

This painting was also done for a family (see my blog post). Ranching and farming is a life-long commitment in this area of southern Alberta. These cows are part of a rancher’s experience: they feed them, they take care

Sunflowers are an energy flower. I love to use a magnified view and bold colours to paint all my florals, especially sunflowers. This piece was painted for a family of six. Even before I had completed the