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This painting was also done for a family (see my blog post). Ranching and farming is a life-long commitment in this area of southern Alberta. These cows are part of a rancher’s experience: they feed them, they take care

Sunflowers are an energy flower. I love to use a magnified view and bold colours to paint all my florals, especially sunflowers. This piece was painted for a family of six. Even before I had completed the

I had painted the theatre’s old marquee and thought it was about time to paint the newly renovated one put up about three years ago. It’s not as majestic as the old sign, simply a streamlined version. I

I walked many times from my house to our local neighbourhood convenience store. A grand assortment of freezies, fudgsicles , pop and chips awaited me there: then, you could buy a bag of chips for a quarter and a

This is one of my favorite cityscapes. When I see the coffee sign, it makes me feel that I can grab a cup of coffee at the station, walk down the street and get on with my shopping day.

I grew up down the street from this park, which is one of the oldest structures in the flats area. I am now a Rotarian in Medicine Hat and am proud of the service Rotarians provide for this community, including