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Dear friends, April 10, 2018 I finished this private commission art piece last week. I definitely needed to get it done before our holiday to San Diego. There’s nothing worse than coming back to a project and trying to pick up where you

Dear Friends, August 10, 2017 This was our dog Alue. I didn't post anything about her passing in April as I was too upset and my thoughts hadn't set in about our loss. We put her down due to a mass of cancer in her stomach. For a beagle, this is a death sentence as ALL they want to do with their noses is sniff out the next morsel and look for food to eat.

A Tribute to Lottie Eisenbarth. January 12, 1939 - January 15, 2014 The Secret Ingredient I was sitting in my mother-in-laws living room the other morning after her passing. The sun was shining through the peach colored polyester curtains.  The stillness and silence