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Light was delivered to small rural towns by gas via the gaslight. I believe these lights are an iconic western symbol. They stand proud and are a testament to settlers who came to Western Canada to build a better

I remember the Pink Lantern as one of the first Chinese restaurants in the downtown core. Everyone stopped there for Chinese food; being close to Hat Hardware, it was easy to drop in for the buffet. I was

I’m a true believer in following your gut, particularly when it involves art + subjects. Over the past three years, this particular image has called me to capture it at various times of the day.

I love trees. I believe they have something unique to say. After much thought, I’ve decided I’m attracted to how they stand – the way they lean this way and that, the goofiness of the trunks and

I was a chaperone for my daughter’s Grade 10 biology trip to Ressor Lake, Alberta. Everyone was supposed to bring rain boots to collect water samples. Walmart must have had a sale that year because all the girls