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Abandoned Mill


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

12 x 16″

Last year I wrote a story about going over the Mill overpass on my bike when I was little. I
recounted how I turned back to the South Flats area because I was nervous about going over to
the other side. The other side was the industrial section or at least the factory area of Medicine
Hat. Nobody I knew from hard working class families lived on that side and if I got lost, there
was nobody that was going to come look for me.

This building is a look back to that factory time period in Medicine Hat. It is a reminder to strive
for re-development and expansion. The Mill is a landmark and symbol of the stability and
prosperity of Medicine Hat at the height of the industrial boom period in the 1910’s.

I could not find when The Mill closed down, but if I had a gazillion dollars, I’d turn it into a cool
condo building…think of the view from those top windows!

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