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City Hall at Night- SOLD

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

34 x 30.5″

I’m a true believer in following your “gut”, particularly when it involves art + subjects. Over the past three years, this particular image has called me to capture it at various times of the day.

I have photos of City Hall in the daytime and evening, and in the summer, fall and winter seasons. I even have a great photograph of City Hall with the old Christmas decorations the City used for the Christmas season in the 80’s and 90’s.

It was a difficult decision about “how to paint” City Hall on the Esplanade until I went to New Orleans in March of this year. All the inspirational and interesting photos I took there were captured at night. When I was planning for this exhibit, I decided on the dark, evening image because I was attracted to the way the bright lights flicker in the dark and seem to be surreal. It reminded me of the intrigue I felt when I was in the old section of New Orleans.

I plan to paint more of these ethereal night scenes in the future.

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Dimensions 34 × 30.5 in