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Douglas Meats – SOLD

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

16 x 12″

We lived on the eight hundred block of Balmoral Street and moved there when I was in grade
two. Part of the weekly activities, although I would call it a chore, was to walk “uptown” for our
household goods. I remember wondering why people called it “uptown” and we didn’t have to
walk up any hills.

The row of storefronts on North Railway was a bustling area of trade and commerce. We
would shop at the local IGA on the corner of Maple Avenue. I would never in my wildest dreams
have asked to stop in at the butcher, but I often wondered what it was like to go through the
small quaint shop door, sample some freshly smoked tidbits and pick up something for the
evening meal.