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Exiting Commerce

Acrylic, mixed media and ink on birch cradleboard

24″ x 18″

The Imperial Bank of Commerce was built in 1907. It had an air of solidity – a structure that embodied a sense of strength and security. It’s wide Corinthian columns served the needs of a rapidly growing community trading in commerce and goods.

It originally was the location of four real estate agencies, two surveyors, a chiropractor’s office, and an investment agency. Later it served as the location for the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce for the Downtown businesses. I visited this building with my mom and wondered how such a beautiful building could ever be built in a small prairie town like Medicine Hat. It still remains an impressive site to see. Too bad the foresight was not extended to the other buildings of similar style torn down in the 60’s and 70’s.

It was designated a Provincial Historic Site in 1991. The side door featured in the painting was an additional entrance/exit to the bank staff.

Historical Information courtesy of the Esplanade Archives

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