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Five Roses Flour

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

15.75 x 12″

I grew up on the flats in Medicine Hat. In those days, we were called the “Flats Rats.” Rats run all over the place and so did we. My sisters and I would walk endlessly around the South Flat neighbourhoods looking for some sort of entertainment. I was by myself one summer day and eventually ended up at the sidewalk at the bottom of the overpass. I didn’t go across by myself very often, and decided that day I’d better see what was on the other side. I made it halfway across before deciding that if my mom found out how far I ventured, I would be in a whole mess of trouble. The flour mill is halfway. When I stopped to turn around, I couldn’t help but think that I had never seen the mill functioning. I pondered why it was still standing with its boarded windows as many buildings were replaced with newer, more modern designs.

The flour mills around the city seem to have been around forever. Driving now around town on my bike or in my vehicle, I pass them and don’t take a second glance at the curved structure, or at least I didn’t until the closure of the Ogilvie Mills was announced.

It`s these closures and changes to our city that inspire my artwork. I still remember some of the beautiful period buildings we walked by when I was a child that have now been torn down and replaced.

All the flour mills have a special appeal for me. They are all historic landmarks for the South Flats neighbourhood. I can`t think of another city in Canada which has similar iconic buildings.

There are three in total and I`ll paint all three eventually.

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Dimensions 15.75 × 12 in