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Gyorkos Cleaners

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

12 x 16″

North Railway had almost everything you needed for shopping, including a professional dry cleaner and clothing service.

We frequently stopped to drop off our dresses for cleaning. I particularly loved the rich warmth of the solid counter. It was beautifully crafted with round corners and large, blocks of stained wood. The top of the counter was well worn from the sliding across of garment bags and clothes. Various metal hooks stood out high on either side to hang freshly pressed or dry-cleaned garments while we paid our bill.

We would take a sneak peek over the counter top and would often catch Matilda’s eye. She would come out from the back, say hello and always have something cheerful to say to my mother.

I thought my mom worked hard. Matilda worked just as hard. She was one of the Gyorkos girls and grew up in the cleaning business helping her parents. She had nine kids she looked after when she arrived home from a long day and very often, she took on extra ironing to keep up at the cleaners.

You can’t teach that kind of work ethic. You have it in you or you don’t.

Historical photo courtesy of Matilda Cote

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Dimensions 12 × 16 in