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Hit by the Sun, Cypress Hills


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

24 x 42″

I love trees. I believe they have something unique to say. After much thought, I guess I’m
attracted to their stance; the way they lean this way and that, the gooness of the trunks and
branches, and the sound of the wind blowing as it whispers over their leaves.

I particularly notice trees when I’m driving. Yes, you’re probably not safe to be on the road as I’m
gazing at the trees from behind my steering wheel. When I’m heading home on Southridge Drive,
I can’t help but notice the trees on the right hand side of the path. The evergreens are bent in all
sorts of shapes from the many snow and windstorms. Their weirdly twisted trunks help them
stay upright in the harsh climate.

It gets me every time.

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