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Hutchinson Sharp – Horse on a Pedestal

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

16 x 20″

Classic Medicine Hat.

This is a true gem of a building. Anyone who grew up locally will recognize the significance of
this old downtown building to the working ranchmen and women of the area. Tackle, ropes,
western jeans and yes, even sparkly belts, were displayed here amongst a plethora of working
clothes. We weren’t from a ranching or farm family, but I liked to visit the store and slide my
fingers along the sinewy muscles of the horse statue standing in the entrance.

Now renovated and revamped, the western store with the Horse at the Door entertained many a
kid over the years.

I photographed this little horse on the pedestal a few years ago. Unfortunately, the horse was no
longer in the outer doorway.