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Let Me In

Acrylic, mixed media and ink on birch cradleboard

36″ x 24″

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this company in the newspaper as of late. Management had decided to lock travellers out in the cold when waiting for the greyhound bus to arrive. In former years, the doors where left open to a lobby inside and people could wait there when the weather turned nasty. The bus lines started in the Hoover – Huckvale Block on third street. Mr. B. J. Duncan operated the Calgary Eastern Bus Lines from circa 1931-1933 with varied success. In 1934, the Central Canadian Greyhound took over many of the bus lines and had a steady expanding business until 1940. In 1938, the Greyhound moved its location to the Terminal Cafe and Greyhound Building which is now known as the Ming Court Chinese Restaurant on third street. As of 1974, the Greyhound moved to it’s present location on second street. The company served and serves as a connection for local communities, blazing a trail though Western Canada on once dirt, gravel and now paved roads.

The Greyhound has a significance to me as my girlfriend’s parents had both their business establishment’s located in this building. A family life I wished to be a part as their way of living was a stark contrast to mine; my mom was single, still raising 4 kids on the flats and trying to pay bills on a small salary. Their family enjoyed regular vacations, lived in a large house and actively entertained. Kathy Mahura worked hard as she managed the contract for the shipping and receiving through the greyhound bus lines in Medicine Hat. We often stopped by the ticket counter to say a friendly “hello” as the cafeteria in the Greyhound had the best french fries. Kathy was often bustling from one corridor to the other arranging parcels….a lady who dictated a business on her own terms and still had time to raise three girls.

On the flip-side, my girlfriend’s dad, Bert, ran the travel business in the basement called Kabet Travel. If you grew up in Medicine Hat, you’d recall the travel agent, Laurie Sharland pumping up the CHAT radio package inviting people to sign-up for the NFR trip in Las Vegas. Kabet was known for this trip every November. They have done this trip for 25 years plus and Bert still organizes Medicine Hatters to attend the famous rodeo today.

Historical Information courtesy of the Esplanade Archives

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