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Library Secret Space


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

20 x 18″

If I wasn’t running in a field, playing at Lions Park or swimming at the YMCA, it was of no surprise that I was at the Medicine Hat Public Library. First, it was because I had a free junior membership and second, because I loved books.

This was one of my favorite secret paths; the straight, honeycomb-lined corridor that led to the entrance of the library.

I remember going into the art section when I was about nine years old. I would check out my most loved art-related books on Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and other books on far-away sculpture, saints and architecture. I would have my two beige homemade cloth bags with me and over stuff them with my new found treasures. I would walk down the honeycomb path dreaming about everything I was going to learn. When I reached the end of the honeycomb path I’d slump over for the first time, readjust the cloth straps and look at the red marks on my hands only to realize that maybe I should have taken out fewer books as it was going to take me all afternoon to get them home. Remember, I had to drag my books from the library to the end of Dominion Street, a mere three-kilometer walk.

After ten or so stops, I would arrive at our two-story home.

I would be so engrossed in my new books that I’d keep them out after their due date, return them late, pay the fine with my pennies so I could take out more books and repeat the whole process over again.

Stupid kid. Or was I?

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Dimensions 20 × 18 in