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Neighbourhood Grocery | A Deluxe Experience


Acrylic & Mixed Media on Birch
20×16 inches
Available: $880



Remember in the movies, especially the ones in New York at Christmas time like in “You’ve Got Mail” where they go to the corner grocery store and pick up their wrapped, freshly cut tree to take home? Those are my most vivid memories of this store. My big brother Allan and I would go there to select our tree before the big day in the make-shift tree lot they would set-up outside the front doors.

We would hum and hah over the price as we were only given so much money to purchase the perfect tree (I can still hear my mother complaining about how the tree prices slid up every Christmas season). After much deliberation and critical “looking”, we would make our selection (because, it had to be perfect you know). They would wrap and tie it up with red string and my brother would swing the string over his shoulder to drag it home….I would follow behind him in my snow covered toque and watch to make sure that the tree made it safely home

Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat Exhibit called “ Walking The Flats” 2020

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