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Scudder Grocery


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

20 x 16″

On the way to St. Louis School each week-day morning, we would turn the corner from south
of Ross Street and see this image directly in front of us; the Scudder building. I always wondered
about the lettering on the side of the building and for that matter, a lot of the buildings I saw
around town.

When I grew up, most of these buildings with the white lettering had people living in them…they
weren’t businesses. To advertise grocery on the front and vegetables on the side was pure
nonsense I thought. Everyone at the elementary school knew that to get all those delicious
treats, like freezies and popsicles, you would have to take your pennies a few more meters
farther down the street to Starlite convenience store on Allowance Avenue.


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