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Second Street Spa: Chantel’s Aesthetician

Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

30 x 22″


Last year when I returned home from painting at the lake, I walked down this vista of 2nd
Street and noticed Chantel’s sign was taken down. Was she still around and where did she go? I
quickly called her to see if she was still open and if I could book a facial. I found out that the
property manager took her sign down and placed a nameplate by the door to identify her

I’m glad I happened to photograph the signage before I left for the summer. Her business sign
has been a mainstay of this street since the early ‘70’s. Today, spa’s are a dime a dozen, but
back then in Medicine Hat, there was only a few and Chantel’s was the place to go for a real
authentic French facial. Along with fluffy robes, weird space-aged machines she pulled across
your face and her French accent, you felt like you were being treated like royalty, or at least
royalty for Medicine Hat. She brought a little piece of a far away land and shared her gifts of
beauty and culture in this small prairie town.