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The Old Monarch Marquee


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

18 x 24″

Recently, the Monarch Theatre changed its marquee to a new sleek, slimmer white sign. I liked the old look of the marquee and photographed this view on Second Street when I had my first exhibition at the Hive Artists’ Hub.

I saw my first movie at the Monarch, the Jungle Book, when I was eight. I was so excited to see the new Disney movie as I had only heard stories from my friends about the movie experience. My aunt and uncle came down from Lethbridge for the day. My older cousin David took my two sisters and me; they paid, of course. We did the movie ritual of standing in-line for popcorn and a drink and finally settling down in the exact middle seats of the theatre in the plush, captain chairs to wait for the movie to begin. The color film, movement of the characters, and the story was mesmerizing. I was hooked.

Later, I would save my babysitting money and see as many movies as possible. My sister Barb and I eventually decided we liked the very front row seats at the Monarch. For every movie from then on, we rushed into the theatre to grab our chosen seats—in the front row, always in the middle.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 in