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Whose on Fourth?

Acrylic, mixed media and ink on birch cradleboard

24″ x 18″

The Mission Parish of St. Barnabas started in 1884 with meetings held in the Presbyterian Church in a wooden white building. It was part of new Western diocese of Qu’Apelle. The church was built in 1886, after meetings had been held in the Presbyterian Church since 1884. The old church was torn down in 1911 to make way for the present St. Barnabas Church.

The brick and bedford stone building was constructed in 1912 at the cost of $26 000.
Distinctive Gothic features embellish the church and window panels.

The Church is named after St. Barnabas, known as the encourager. The building was dedicated on June 11, 1913 St. Barnabas Day.

Historical Information courtesy of the Esplanade Archives

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