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YMCA Peeking Through


Acrylic and mixed media on birch cradleboard

50 x 18″

I love the philosophy of the YMCA.

It’s a needed perspective in this economic climate. The gym, swimming pool and kid programming has been a refuge and safe community for kids growing up in troubled homes.

We spent MANY hours at the YMCA when we were little.

My mother had a garden the size of half a football field and spent most of the hot summer months hoeing, watering beans, peas, potatoes and other vegetables and then preparing them to feed us for the long winter months. She would purchase a summer swim pass for my sisters and me. After a lunch of homemade soup and sandwiches, we would tootle off to the YMCA from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. every summer afternoon to swim in the pool. In those days, there were no summer camps. The staff, particularly the lifeguards at the Y, was our family. We were given free swim guidance and created a numerous plethora of water games to eat up the afternoon.

I was that kid who couldn’t afford a regular membership.

I am reminded of the YMCA staff kindness when I visited the Y premises recently. Even though there are now many exercise facilities to join, I will always stay loyal to the YMCA because of their philosophy of helping kids in need.



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Dimensions 50 × 18 in