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Dear Friends, March 16, 2016 Part of creating a piece of artwork means making adjustments along the way. Some artists are very particular in their work. They methodically draw out every detail to match the vision in their head. When the artwork does

The Color RED Journal originally posted February 29, 2012 The Color RED  -  a color I love. FOR YOU ON VALENTINE'S DAY! I was thinking about Valentine's Day today as it is the day for many couples and lovers to celebrate their special union

Dear Friends, January 11, 2016 This was a recent painting done as a private commission for the Smythe residence on 1st Street SE in Medicine Hat. I've used the copper-penny finish similar to my "Medicine Hat Series" I had completed for the

  Dear Friends, September 17, 2015 Well, I'm painting this picture today on my art wall. I am on a tight schedule now and have so much to do. Maybe I don't' need to sleep this week! If you've missed my earlier posts, the

I like the bright bold colours and blobs of paint here and there; they make a nice mark and catch the light. Artist, Theresa Eisenbarth shares a day in the studio with current paintings.