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Dear Friends, March 6, 2018 Each year I choose a "Word to Accept". I've done this exercise since I started creating art over six years ago. Over these years, I have given a lot of thought to the choice of this short or long word. It seems like a simple thing....choose a word and get onto the next item on the agenda. But in actuality, it is like having a strategic plan; in art, in life, and in business. This one word encapsulates what I'm trying to achieve for a particular time could almost think of this word as a mantra. I start with five words.  I mull them over in my mind over a span of weeks and gradually discard the words that do not resonate with me and I finally select what I believe to be the right word for the present time. The word I choose this year is "CREATE".

  Dear Friends, September 17, 2015 Well, I'm painting this picture today on my art wall. I am on a tight schedule now and have so much to do. Maybe I don't' need to sleep this week! If you've missed my earlier posts, the

Dear Friends, January 26, 2015 As a practicing artist, I've learned something this past week. When I try to avoid creativity and tune out ideas, there has to be another mechanism to let thoughts release; It's like a caged animal with pent up energy pacing the

The latest show "essence" was at the Hive Gallery #downtown before summer started. Fascinating individuals from both #Medicine Hat and as far away as #Houston, TX came to see my artwork! I would like to thank everyone who attended and

Thanks to Christy Pick from Shaw Communications for the interview about my #art-show "essence" which aired on Go Southern Alberta, Channel 10. Funny thing about this interview is that it was done in March. I had just begun painting my pieces