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Dear Friends, May 31,2017 Everyone is so crazy busy these days. I often think that technology is a hindrance, not a help and is making our lives frantic with all the pressures of posting on social media platforms. Although its a necessary part of the workplace, I find it ever more increasingly important to take time to do the things, hobbies and activities I actually LOVE.

Dear Friend, October 17th, 2014 Recently, I have been working on an exhibit for the "Pinkilish Confidence" Event with Friday's Image coming up on October 23rd at the Cypress Club Downtown, Medicine Hat. I focused in on social cause of cancer disease as

AnxiousnessOctober 16, 2014 Artists go through stages in the studio. Some of this is just "living" and other anxieties are brought on by personal insecurities. Work can range from good work, bad work and sometimes no work at all. This creates

The latest show "essence" was at the Hive Gallery #downtown before summer started. Fascinating individuals from both #Medicine Hat and as far away as #Houston, TX came to see my artwork! I would like to thank everyone who attended and

Dear Friend, June 26, 2014Its been an interesting journey connecting with random people walking into the Hive Gallery & Boutique for the past two weeks. Today, I had a Sudanese guy come in from the city of Brooks to look at my

Dear friend, June 20, 2014   ArtCards were successfully completed for tonight's art reception and opening  night. Please join the Hive Artist's Hub and the downtown "who's on 2nd" group for a great night of fun, music and friendship. Events start at 4 pm, art