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The Artist’s Vision

Theresa Eisenbarth uses texture, colour and light to transform the day-to-day into the extraordinary. Viewers will be surprised and delighted with new perspectives and new stories about the people, places and things that comprise what is otherwise common and mundane.


As a visual storyteller, Theresa combines text with household objects such as tinfoil, string, and door hardware to create substance on her canvas.  Her personalized style is characterized by vivid, bold colours, and unique textures. A strong black line is her graphic signature, setting her style apart from others.

Theresa’s favorite subjects are the urbanscapes and prairie spaces of Southern Alberta.  She seeks out places where the environment quietly beckons us to look again…yet so often we simply pass by.

Old communities, where the streets, alleyways and buildings share a diversity of history are her favorite places to re-create.  As she paints, she considers sights, sounds, even aromas of what daily life might have been like. In her view, her work is not a re-creation of the subject, but rather a re-imagination, making a new view come into being.

About the Artist

Theresa Eisenbarth lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she is continually building connections through the stories in her art.  She teaches art classes, conducts workshops using mixed media painting materials, and is a public speaker.  Her paintings are in many private collections and are sold in galleries across Canada.

Theresa has exhibited extensively around Southern Alberta and hosts regular pop-up events for her artwork.

After finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Calgary, she returned to art and painting after several years of busy family life.  Theresa honed her painting skills by pouring over art books, and practicing with a variety of media.  She specializes in contemporary acrylics.