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Artist CV

+ Theresa Eisenbarth


Theresa Eisenbarth’s art training includes a B.F.A. degree from the University of Calgary and a Diploma in Visual Studies at the Medicine Hat College.

Theresa has studied with master artists’ Mike Svob, David Langevin, and Medicine Hat Artist, Evelyn Kleis.


Cultivated | Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center Exhibit | Medicine Hat, January-April 2022

Square Foot Show | | Online | February 2022

Made in Isolation | Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center Exhibit | Medicine Hat, 2021

Walking the Flats | Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center Exhibit | Summer | Medicine Hat 2020

Alberta Culture Days, Street Art | Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat,  September 2018

Common Passion Exhibit | Public Library Lower Floor Gallery | Medicine Hat, March-April 2018

Small Works | Private Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat,  October  – December 2017

ART + Scotch | Private Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat, September – December 2016

Solo Art Exhibit | Medicine Hat Public Library Exhibit | Medicine Hat, January 2016

Regina Showcase | Willow at Wascana Lake Exhibit | Regina, August – October 2015

Two Views Art Exhibit | Medalta E. Yuill Gallery | February – March 2015

ART + Golf | Paradise Valley Exhibit | Medicine Hat, September – December 2015

Exhibition and Stampede | Donna Maclean Painting Award,  July 2015

Essence, Solo Art Exhibit | The Hive Artists’ Gallery | Medicine Hat,  July 2014

Alberta Culture Days Art Exhibit | The Hive Artists’ Gallery Medicine Hat,  October 2014

Pinkilish Confidence | Cypress Club Medicine Hat, October 2014

Hat Art Club Group Exhibition | Esplanade Gallery | Medicine Hat , June 2013

Open Studio Group Exhibit | Medalta Yuill Gallery | Medicine Hat,  June 2013


Rothwell Gallery | Ottawa, Ontario 2020 – Present

Inspire Art Gallery  |  Medicine Hat, AB  2015 – Present

Xanadu Online Gallery – 2016


Visual Arts Alberta, CARFAC | Edmonton
The Hat Art Club | Medicine Hat


Katalin Lang, Alberta | Mr. Mervin Boychuk, Alberta |Dawn Postnikoff, Alberta | Mr. Ivan Becker, Alberta | Mr. Ron Smythe, Alberta | Mr. Dan Gauthier, Alberta | Dianne Ziegenhagel, Alberta | Jan Olechowski, Alberta | Honorable Judge Dieter & Kitt Brand, Alberta |  Dr. Ken Blair, Alberta | Sarah McKenzie, Alberta

Dr. Sergio Ciubotaru, Alberta | Mr. Warren Stark, Alberta | CarolAnn & Mike Janzer, Alberta | Chris Perret, Alberta

Mr. Harvey Linnen, Saskatchewan | Mr. Dave Sinclair, Saskatchewan | Coleen Dumur, Saskatchewan | Mr. Don Lee, Saskatchewan


Smith Planning Group, Alberta | Ensminger Beck & Thompson Accountants, Alberta  | Raymond James, Medicine Hat Branch | Magistrate Law Office, Alberta | MVI Valuations & Appraisals, Alberta


Theresa uses a luscious application of bold acrylic paint combined with mundane household materials such as; tinfoil, text, hardware, coffee and paper. Her layers of color, gel, texture and incorporated elements create a unique discovery for the viewer to look deeper into each and every art-piece. Gallery wood panels provide a solid foundation for Theresa’s multitude of mark-making. Each art-piece comes ready to hang in a contemporary style with glossy dark sides and two layers of archival and UV varnish.


Located: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Phone: 403-502-3716