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Artist CV

+ Theresa Eisenbarth


Theresa Eisenbarth’s art training includes a B.F.A. degree from the University of Calgary and a Diploma in Visual Studies at the Medicine Hat College.

Theresa has studied with master artists’ Mike Svob, David Langevin, and Medicine Hat Artist, Evelyn Kleis.


Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center Exhibit | Summer | Medicine Hat 2020

Alberta Culture Days, Street Art | Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat,  September 2018

Common Passion Exhibit | Public Library Lower Floor Gallery | Medicine Hat, March-April 2018

Small Works | Private Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat,  October  – December 2017

ART + Scotch | Private Cypress Club Exhibit | Medicine Hat, September – December 2016

Solo Art Exhibit | Medicine Hat Public Library Exhibit | Medicine Hat, January 2016

Regina Showcase | Willow at Wascana Lake Exhibit | Regina, August – October 2015

Two Views Art Exhibit | Medalta E. Yuill Gallery | February – March 2015

ART + Golf | Paradise Valley Exhibit | Medicine Hat, September – December 2015

Exhibition and Stampede | Donna Maclean Painting Award,  July 2015

Essence, Solo Art Exhibit | The Hive Artists’ Gallery | Medicine Hat,  July 2014

Alberta Culture Days Art Exhibit | The Hive Artists’ Gallery Medicine Hat,  October 2014

Pinkilish Confidence | Cypress Club Medicine Hat, October 2014

Hat Art Club Group Exhibition | Esplanade Gallery | Medicine Hat , June 2013

Open Studio Group Exhibit | Medalta Yuill Gallery | Medicine Hat,  June 2013


Rothwell Gallery | Ottawa, Ontario 2020

Inspire Art Gallery  |  Medicine Hat, AB  2015 – Present

Xanadu Online Gallery – 2016


Visual Arts Alberta, CARFAC | Edmonton
The Hat Art Club | Medicine Hat


Katalin Lang, Alberta | Mr. Mervin Boychuk, Alberta |Dawn Postnikoff, Alberta | Mr. Ivan Becker, Alberta | Mr. Ron Smythe, Alberta | Mr. Dan Gauthier, Alberta | Dianne Ziegenhagel, Alberta | Jan Olechowski, Alberta | Honorable Judge Dieter & Kitt Brand, Alberta |  Dr. Ken Blair, Alberta | Sarah McKenzie, Alberta

Dr. Sergio Ciubotaru, Alberta | Mr. Warren Stark, Alberta | CarolAnn & Mike Janzer, Alberta | Chris Perret, Alberta

Mr. Harvey Linnen, Saskatchewan | Mr. Dave Sinclair, Saskatchewan | Coleen Dumur, Saskatchewan | Mr. Don Lee, Saskatchewan


Smith Planning Group, Alberta | Ensminger Beck & Thompson Accountants, Alberta  | Raymond James, Medicine Hat Branch | Magistrate Law Office, Alberta | MVI Valuations & Appraisals, Alberta


Theresa uses a luscious application of bold acrylic paint combined with mundane household materials such as; tinfoil, text, hardware, coffee and paper. Her layers of color, gel, texture and incorporated elements create a unique discovery for the viewer to look deeper into each and every art-piece. Gallery wood panels provide a solid foundation for Theresa’s multitude of mark-making. Each art-piece comes ready to hang in a contemporary style with glossy dark sides and two layers of archival and UV varnish.


Located: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Phone: 403-502-3716