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IXL Brick Factory tickets, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

The Language of Art

The panic and pressure of feeling if I do not have a brush in hand at every second that I am not moving forward does not mean that I am not developing as an artist ... Read More
Sunflowers Over My Head | An Acrylic painting by artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

Summer Newsletter 2-18 : Updates from EISENBARTH Art Studio

Hey Friends, I want to start off with a "SORRY"... My app and technology skills are not the greatest, so It's taken me awhile to get this email together and out to my followers. Sometimes, setting the one goal is the biggest obstacle to moving mountains. UPDATING THE STUDIO: I have been busy updating the look of the art studio/gallery area. Up and down the ladder I have been to freshen up the space and anything else my handy little ... Read More
The "Word" for 2018

The “Word” for 2018

Dear Friends, March 6, 2018 Each year I choose a "Word to Accept". I've done this exercise since I started creating art over six years ago. Over these years, I have given a lot of thought to the choice of this short or long word. It seems like a simple thing....choose a word and get onto the next item on the agenda. But in actuality, it is like having a strategic plan; in art, in life, and in business. This ... Read More