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Your Story

We all have a story to share… about a person, a memory or a special place. I can encapsulate your stories so they can last forever as a commissioned Eisenbarth painting.

How a Custom Painting or Commission Works


 “Art is not always about the most beautiful things. It’s about what happened to us, family, where we lived and what we are about.” – Carol Ann Janzer

For most of us, art is very personal. It reminds you of a special place or building, a person you love or loved, your childhood home, or simply highlights your favourite things or colours. Art must be something personal and tell your own story. Most of you don’t purchase a custom painting because they are fashionable.

It’s about YOU.

These are the things people tell me:

“​I grew up in that house.”

“I use to go to the park here with my kids.”

“My dad or mom walked this path every day.”

“This was our family store.”

With a custom artwork, you choose a favourite theme, a place with special memories or an art theme from my current artwork. I build a piece of what YOU want.

As soon as the details (size, subject matter)are established along with a confirmation letter or email, I’ll  start to conceptualize your unique art piece.

Interested? CLICK HERE to view past commissioned artworks. Please contact me at for a quote.


When my husband and I decided we wanted to something special to commemorate our first home together, we never imagined that a feeling could be captured visually. What Theresa painted evokes so many happy memories, we couldn’t have asked for a better memento. Thank you!

Sarah and John Galliano

Step 1

Step 1

  • First meeting with the Art Collector.
  • Decisions made re: painting size, depth of paint support & price range. 
  • Art Collector fills out Eisenbarth Art Studio Commission Form. 
  • Conversation re: how the image will be captured in photography. 

Step 2

Step 2

  • Art Collector sends Deposit amount to hold their place in the queue.
  • Painting supports get built, prepped, sanded, and gessoed. 
  • Theresa prepares image sketches (if required) and lay-out.
  • Preparatory photo is sent to Art Collector.

Step 3

Step 3

  • Theresa Eisenbarth begins painting.
  • Regular progress updates and images are sent to Art Collector. 
  • Art Collector views completed artwork and makes the final payment. 
  • Painting is delivered.
  • Enjoy!