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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do we get started?
    • We all have a story to share… about a person, a memory or a special place. I can encapsulate your stories so they can last forever as a commissioned Eisenbarth painting. You can choose a favourite landscape theme, a place with special memories or an art theme from my current work.
    • As soon as the criteria (size, subject matter) is established along with a confirmation letter or email, I will start to conceptualize your unique art piece. I can work with paint samples, photos of wall colour, fabrics and textures.


  • Can you paint in the style of another artist or copy their work if I pay your commission fees?
    • No. Please LOOK at my style of art on this website…. that is what your painting will look like!  If you like a style from another artist, please contact that artist to paint something in that particular style.


  • Do you have any examples of past commission work that I can look at? 


  • Will I see my commissioned work before it is finished?
    • Yes, as I paint, I’ll send you regular updates by mobile device so you can experience the process and follow the progress.


  • How much does a commissioned artwork cost?
    • Prices are based on the finished size of the painting. Please contact me at for a quote.


  • Do you have any tips on how to choose the size of my commissioned work?
    • Yes. As a rule of thumb, in terms of sizing, aim to fill about two-thirds to three-fourths of your available wall space.
    • To visualize this I recommend using coloured painter’s tape. Yes, I said painter’s tape. It is tried and tested, and allows you to easily test out various sizes.  Just mask off the finished size of the painting on your wall with coloured painters tape. This allows you to sit with the size for a few days before deciding.


When my husband and I decided we wanted to something special to commemorate our first home together, we never imagined that a feeling could be captured visually. What Theresa painted evokes so many happy memories, we couldn’t have asked for a better memento. Thank you!

Sarah and John Galliano